The Art of Persia

N1Carpet, a beacon of Persian elegance, invites you into a world where tradition meets contemporary allure. With a legacy spanning six decades, N1 curates over 1000 hand-selected Persian rugs, each telling a unique story. Immerse your space in the timeless artistry and cultural richness woven into every N1 creation.

Available Collections

Indulge in luxury with N1Carpet’s 1000+ hand-selected Persian rugs. From timeless classics to tribal authenticity, avant-garde artistry, casual charm, and contemporary flair, our diverse collections offer a rug for every taste. Discover the epitome of Iranian craftsmanship, elevating your space with elegance and tradition.


Timeless elegance embodied in meticulously crafted Persian rugs, featuring traditional motifs that elevate any space with sophistication.


Authentically woven tales of nomadic heritage, these rugs showcase tribal artistry, adding a touch of cultural richness to your home.

Art Gallery

Avant-garde designs transform rugs into masterpieces, bridging the gap between floor covering and contemporary art for a truly unique aesthetic.

N1 Introduction

Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of N1Carpet, a testament to the artistry and heritage of Persian rug craftsmanship in Montreal. As the Canadian branch of Namdari Carpet, a revered name with a sixty-year legacy in Iran, our showroom unveils a curated collection of over 1000 authentic Persian rugs.

Explore diverse narratives in our Classic, Tribal, Art Gallery, Casual, and Contemporary collections, each rug a fusion of tradition and contemporary allure. Beyond a mere display, N1Carpet invites you to experience the legacy of craftsmanship and quality service.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the art, discover elegance and tradition woven seamlessly at N1Carpet.

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Unparalleled joy in every purchase—where customer satisfaction is our foremost commitment.

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Experience more than just rugs at N1Carpet. Our services extend to meticulous Carpet Cleaning, expert Carpet Repair, and insightful Carpet Evaluation. Elevate your rug ownership with comprehensive care and expertise tailored to meet your every need.

Embark on a journey through our N1 Tribal Collection, where each rug intricately weaves tales of nomadic heritage, infusing your space with authenticity and cultural richness.